Give the Gift of Dog Grooming

For the pet parent on your holiday shopping list who has (almost) everything, gadgets and goofy dog sweaters are fun, but maybe it’s time to think outside the gift box. Why not “chews” a dog grooming gift card instead? Dog grooming makes a great gift for many reasons, and the shopping couldn’t be easier.
First of all, you’re giving the gift of time when you surprise your favorite dog moms and dads with a grooming package. Busy pet parents have good intentions but may have trouble keeping up with all the grooming chores at home. Even just regular brushing and nail trims take time out of busy schedules and can stay on the to do list a little too long. Also, a dog who’s fresh from a good bath and haircut won’t be shedding and tracking dirt on the floor and furniture, which helps all their house cleaning efforts last a little longer.
Secondly, a day at the doggie spa is a treat for both the dog and the humans in the house. When it comes to pampered pets, a day at the spa is right up there with a meaty bone or a nap in the sun. While their fur babies are getting washed and trimmed, pet parents will have some me time to take care of other chores or just relax. And when they get home from a thorough grooming, dogs are even more fun to snuggle, since they smell so sweet and clean.
And finally, the health benefits of grooming make it a valuable part of any dog’s wellness routine, making it truly a gift from the heart. Regular baths and detangling help prevent skin irritations and matting of the hair. The pros will have the right tools on hand, which provides for safer and better results. Careful brushing with the correct brushes will remove damaged hair and skin and distribute the dog’s natural oils. This process also allows for early detection of any bumps or irritations that need attention. Professional grooming should be done on a regular schedule, so your gift may prompt the start of a healthy habit.
If you would like to book grooming sessions for your own dog or the favorite pet parents on your shopping list, contact us today to purchase gift cards or make a reservation. Our seasoned grooming professionals here at Dugan’s Dog House are ready for the busy holiday season, and we look forward to helping you finish up that shopping list in a hurry!